Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Barbudans Urged to Revive Spirit

Chairman of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) Trust Fund, Dr Linton Lewis, in a very sterling address to the Barbuda Council reminded the people of Barbuda of the ‘indomitable spirit’ of their forbearers that resulting in the freedom and independence from the bondage of slavery.

He also reminded them that the independence for which they struggled for centuries ‘must now be fully attained’ with the severing of the umbilical cord from the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.  He called for the development of a Caribbean jurisprudence by having confidence in the regional institution and its ability to dispense quality justice.

Chairman of the NCC, Ambassador Dr. Clarence Henry urged persons to educate themselves about the operations of both courts in order to make an informed decision when the referendum is called. “We come with clean hands to share a message in which we firmly believe,” he noted.

 Dr. Henry stressed that this process is inclusive and that there is no intention to conceal information or ideas from members of the public. Rather, the visit to Barbuda is intended to be an exchange of information between the NCC team and the people of the sister isle.

Public Relations Officer and Information Officer for ABEC, Anne Harewood George, emphasized the importance of carrying out a registration drive to ensure that those 18 years of age and over who meet the criteria register immediately.  She continued by pointing out that the role of ABEC is to inform the public with respect to how the referendum voting process will work.

Secretary of the NCC Barbara Williams gave an overview of the public education activities and strategy, which include the convening of a national debate on November 10, continuous town hall meetings and the launch of a ‘Justice and You’ program on ABS television.

The Council welcomed the public education initiatives and it pledged its unwavering support.