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2016 Annual Leonard Tim Hector Memorial Lecture

Delivered at the Mutipurpose Cultural Centre, Perry Bay, St. John’s, Antigua on Thursday November 24, 2016. Our Accession to the Caribbean Court of Justice – embracing our independence, and a Caribbean legal masterpiece!   Ladies and Gentlemen: I crave your indulgence to begin this lecture by thanking the Leonard Tim Hector Memorial Committee from the bottom of my heart for its …

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Caribbean Court Of Justice – Counting Down – Rawlston Pompey

By RAWLSTON POMPEY As far as regional integration is concerned, there has been a long and painful history. A conceptualized idea proposed by Jamaica, saw signatory States agreeing to the establishment of the “…Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).” Then by mutual agreement, each has declared to comply with the “…General undertaking” purposefully crafted and contained in the “…Revised Treaty of …

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Church leaders Endorse CCJ

By Everton Barnes As the public education campaign on the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) moves into top gear, the National Coordinating Committee (NCC) convened a meeting Thursday with a group of Church leaders. In attendance were representatives from the Pentecostal Church, the Wesleyan Holiness Church, the Church of the Nazarene, …

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The CCJ Is Mine

Local attorney, Dr. David Dorsett, has fully endorsed Antigua and Barbuda move to delink from the Privy Council and accede to the Appellate Jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Speaking at a panel discussion on the CCJ at the Bolans Pentecostal Church Monday night, Dorsett said he supports the CCJ ‘because its mine!’. Dorsett said the Privy Council …

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CCJ an example to Latin America

The Caribbean Court: an example to Latin America By Sir Ronald Sanders (The writer is Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to the United States and the Organisation of American States.  The views expressed are his own) Two events at the Organisation of American States (OAS) in recent months have underscored the soundness of the system by which the Caribbean Court of …

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