Friday , 23 February 2018
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Ambassador Dr. Clarence Henry - Chairman

NCC Plans More Consultations

The National Coordinating Committee (NCC) spearheading the public education campaign on the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) is intensifying its consultations with the various stakeholder groups in the society.

NCC Chairman Ambassador, Dr. Clarence Henry, said the month of May will be a busy time for the Committee as it fulfils its mandate to hold consultations with all stakeholders across the length and breadth of Antigua and Barbuda.

He announced that next Tuesday, May 17, the NCC will respond to an invitation from the Kentish Pentecostal Church to address its members in a special meeting. Leader of the congregation, Bishop Lester Emmanuel, said the leadership of the Assembly has over the past several weeks been engaged in a special drive to empower and educate the congregation.

On May 23, the NCC will combine efforts with the Antigua and Barbuda Evangelical Alliance which will be mounting a series of town-hall meetings in several of its member churches over a four-week period.

The first meeting takes place at the Bolas Pentecostal Church (May 23), and one week later (May 30) the session moves to the All Saints Church of the Nazarene. Sessions are also planned for Pares (June 6) and will conclude at the Zion Church of God at North Street (June 13).

Dr. Henry said he is ‘very pleased’ with the response from the faith-based organisations and how they have embraced the public education campaign. He noted that at the onset of the campaign, he insisted in mounting a professional campaign that is absent of the narrow concerns of party politics. “The response from the church leaders is a validation of our efforts and it gives us greater impetus to proceed on the path we have chosen for this very important, national exercise,” he stated.

Additionally, Dr. Henry disclosed that a special session is being planned with members of the Rastafari community which is likely to take place on May 24, the eve of African Liberation Day.

Other sessions are planned with service clubs, police officers, the defence force, professional organisations and the medical community. Dr. Henry also announced that the NCC will mount its own town hall meetings after the Carnival season.