Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Privy Council declares its position on A&B’s move to the CCJ

The piece below in today’s Observer has come to our attention. Click here to read.

In light of the fact that Lord Neuberger’s response to these points in your video interview won’t be seen until next week at the earliest, we feel out of courtesy to Sir David (and, indeed, the Antiguan people) we ought to issue a statement along the lines of Lord Neuberger’s quotes in the youth forum message, to address the points raised.

(There appears to be something similar to the piece below on Cana News (15 Mar) on comments by the Reparation Committee chairman, but I don’t seem to be able to access this in full from the UK.)

I wanted to let you know we have therefore issued the following statement to the Observer, from a JCPC spokesman. 

“The position of the JCPC is that its judges remain happy to serve the countries of the Caribbean region for as long as those countries wish to send appeals to them. This position is clearly articulated by Lord Neuberger, the current President of the JCPC, in the video messages that he has been asked to record and which are being shown as part of the public education campaign. 

“This does not mean that the JCPC is seeking to influence the decision which the people of Antigua and Barbuda make as to whether to remain within its jurisdiction. The decision is solely for the people of Antigua and Barbuda. 

“The JCPC has continued to hear broadly the same number of appeals from the Caribbean region over each of the last five years. For many years it has occasionally invited other judges to sit on appeals, and has continued this practice in recent years.

“Lord Phillips’ reported comments, made seven years ago during a wider profile interview, may or may not have reflected his personal view at the time.”

We hope this will help further inform the education campaign and ensure that the public understand the JCPC’s position.