Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Ringing Endorsement For the CCJ

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has received a resounding endorsement from the Barbuda Council, whose Chairman strenuously contended is the “way to go” and views the CCJ as a symbol of independence.

Addressing members of the NCC who are currently on a two-day public education programme Wednesday in Codrington, David Shaw indicated that he “was enlightened” by the presentations and suggested “some of the frivolous and malicious arguments against the adoption of the CCJ could be one of distrust”.

“We fought hard for emancipation and independence and we are an independent state, it leads me to wonder if it is because…of mental slavery. They took the shackles off our hands, but to some extent some remain on our brains,” Chairman Shaw stated.

Echoing the endorsement of the CCJ, Parliamentary representative Hon. Arthur Nibbs said he ‘is fully committed’ adding that he will do all in his power to persuade his constituents to go the route of the CCJ. He retorted that there is danger in delay ‘the time is now to change, why delay?’

Minister Nibbs is extremely concerned about the implications of involving politics in the decision to go the route of the CCJ. He also expressed the view that the major political parties should be intimately involved in the process. “The public education campaign cannot be left to the National Coordinating Committee alone. Political parties and interest groups, such as the Chamber of Commerce, must also champion the cause or else we will lose this referendum!” according to Minister Nibbs.

He warned of a threat of politics seeking to find its way into the process. “For, in as much as we have the Memorandum of Understanding, my gut feeling is that there is no commitment to give life to the MOU,” he noted.

Minister Nibbs and Chairman Shaw were speaking during a meeting between the Barbuda Council and a visiting delegation from the National Coordinating Committee held at the Council office in Codrington on Wednesday.

The NCC team is visiting Codrington for a series of engagements with the people of Barbuda as part of the public education campaign on the Caribbean Court of Justice and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. The team is led by NCC Chairman, Ambassador Dr. Clarence Henry, Chairman of the CCJ Trust Fund, Dr Linton Lewis, ABEC Public Relations Officer, Anne Harewood George, and Secretary of the NCC, Barbara Williams.